Washing Liquid, Floor Cleaner, Fragrant Liquid, Bleach

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Dear Valued Customers,

Our enterprise, the Sunflower, is great to inform you that we have the following products for

your usage in Company, Organization, Institution, Hotel, Guesthouse, School and Home.

*Domestic Products*

1) Washing Liquid

2) Floor Cleaner

3) Fragrant Liquid

4) Bleach

We serve a special service is that we can deliver our products to your house or company without any charge.

Should you need more inquiry, please feel free to contact :Mr. Sok San (Sales Manager) at
088 826 1175

015 55 19 47

012 55 19 47

093 55 19 47

You also can order the products via email:

Thank you for using our Khmer Domestic Products.
បច្ចុប្បន្នភាពចុងក្រោយនៅ Apr 25, 2016
012 551947 / 088 8261175
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Phnom Penh
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