SHP Microfinance Management System; Price $500+

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SHP System is a full and complete package of Microfinance Management system. We design to meet institution requirements. It is detailed in which captures all relevant information needed.
There are three functions: Loan Management, Saving Management and Financial Management. The program also equipped with security level.
A. Loan Management
To meet client requirements, we build payment schedules in Decline, Fix, Balloon and Semi-Balloon. Each schedule date does not fall on Weekend or National Holiday. There is also a tool to track clients, whether clients pay back on time or late. It also has loan-process tracking: Loan Classification (Standard, Sub-standard, Doubtful and Loss) and Loan Monitoring.
B. Saving Management
We built upon Passbook benchmark. Each deposit or withdrawal must be on calculation of ICAP and WTAX depend on interest rate. Individual of each ICAP and WTAX accumulates in each month. Credit agent, client name, date range, currency type or status (Active or Closed) would be queried in searching.
C. Financial Statement
There are Full Trial Balance (Account code, GL by batch, GL balance) which is complied with NBC requirement, Balance Sheet (Assets, Liabilities, Owner’s Equities, Revenues and Expenses) and Income Statement. We could sort in Batch number, currency type, date range, account number, GL code. We also consolidate in Balance Sheet and Income Statement.
To protect data from unauthorized person, all personnel access to data has to be provided a password to log in. There are three levels to access data: restricted, less restricted, and unrestricted.

We can customize the system based on customer’s business concept. The price is $500+ and can be negotiable depending on customer’s requirement.
If you are interested in SHP System, please feel free to contact us via
Tel:012 880 094/ 012 225 428/ 015 488 818
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